Acer VS ASUS: Which One to Choose? – In 2021

Whenever discussed Acer and ASUS, it has usually been a tie. This is because both of the Laptops are pretty much nice in their quality and overall working. Some things are definitely better in one than the other, but then there remains a tie as well in so many other things.

Acer and ASUS are growing brands and trying their best to make their laptops worth it. Both of them are great choices if you are looking for a laptop within a limited budget. It could be difficult to decide which one to choose because both of them have positive reviews from their users.

Both the brands have been around for a while now and are pretty much well known among people. In this article, we would compare the two brands, Acer and ASUS. We hope we would be able to help you decide which one should you go for according to your requirements and budget limit.

Acer VS ASUS: Overview

Before we start comparing the two brands, it is important to note that most of the things are similar in both of them. You can say they are more alike than they are different. So, there’s not a lot of differences between the two. Maybe that’s the reason people are much confused about choosing one of the two.

In fact, you’ll be amazed to know that it was the former Acer employees who actually then started ASUS as a brand. let’s compare the two and see which one’s better.

ABOUT ACER – Acer belongs to a Taiwanese company and has its headquarters based in Taipei. It’s a pretty old brand which was founded around the year 1976. It has now become a very trusted brand for so many reasons; the common one being lower price with great performance.

Known to be originally named as MultiTech, the brand offers a wide range of other products as well. along with Laptops, they manufacture Computers, Tablets, Projectors, Keyboards, and many other electronic gadgets.

Apart from being well known for their Laptops and Computers, they are very much popular especially for their Predator line of gaming products.

Acer vs ASUS

ABOUT ASUS – ASUS, same as Acer, also belongs to a Taiwanese company with its headquarters in Taipei.  The brand was developed in the year 1989, almost 12 years after Acer. ASUS Laptops have a strong customer base because of their amazing features.

ASUS has become quite a competition these days. Apart from their laptops, Computers, Tablets, Mics, Graphic cards, Routers, and other electronic gadgets are also manufactured by the brand. The brand has gained an overall good reputation in the past couple of years.

Just as Acer’s Predator line of gaming products, ASUS also has its Gaming lineup known as ROG i.e., Republic of Gamers.

Acer vs ASUS

Overall Performance

ACER – Acer is very much appreciated for its performance and quality laptops. Their high-ranking features and great performance are what make the brand keep growing with an even better customer base.  The working of Acer Laptops is super-fast as well.

They have a storage capacity of 8GB RAM and 512 GB SSD. Due to the high performance that Acer laptops offer, they are ideal for gamers. Acer has the most powerful gaming laptops available within an affordable price range.

Hence, Acer laptops have overall good performance and great quality.

ASUS – ASUS is another brand known for its high-performance laptops. For their fast working and great performance, they too are the best gaming laptops. The majority of ASUS laptops also use Intel processors. And that too, at affordable prices.

The overall performance of ASUS laptops for their price is just mind-blowing. Especially, the newest versions have even better features, along with being super-fast and convenient for their users. Their Storage differs for different models but their Gaming capability shows that their RAM is pretty much high.

Hence, ASUS laptops perform great and their users are much satisfied


ACER – It’s not just about the great performance that Acer offers but they are highly durable as well. You just need to take care of your laptop and it would last longer just as that of any bigger brand does. Acer laptops are comparatively thin but are super strong at the same time.

Acer laptops are engineered in a way that they can easily win durability challenges. People have been using Acer laptops for years now and they definitely appreciate how good Acer laptops are.

ASUS – Durability is a very important factor when you’re looking for some suitable laptop options for yourself under a limited budget range. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your device to start having problems in a short while after your purchase.

ASUS has been developed while keeping high durability in mind. They are proved to be ultra-demanding military standard laptops for their high durability.

Both the Acer and ASUS have been tested through different tests for the durability check and are proven to be highly durable. But if one still has to choose a more durable one out of these two, ASUS would be the answer.


ACER – Acer laptops have pretty much sleek and decent designs. Usually, the laptops you’ll find in cheap prices will have their designs kind of too ordinary. Because their manufacturers simply put all the effort in the internal building of the product.

But that’s not the case with Acer. Their designs are neither too superior, nor too ordinary. No doubt that Acer offers affordable laptops but at the same time, they are good-looking as well. Also, Acer laptops are pretty slim in their look and light in weight.

ASUS – ASUS being a little expensive than Acer, offer better designs as well. You can say that ASUS prefers spending a little more on their looks and hence are a bit costly as well. They too are not much thick or heavy in weight as compared to the laptops of other brands, rather they are slim and light in weight.

ASUS laptops are quite basic in their design and looks but they still manage to excel in the areas that matter a lot more than just looks. Just like Acer, ASUS does not have extra elegant or superior designs, but surely are decent and good looking.

Acer vs ASUS Design

Battery Life

ACER – When it comes to the Battery life of Acer, they have relatively good battery life. Although its difficult to compare the battery life across each model of the brand. But on average, most of the models have 6 to 7 hours of battery life, which is the average battery life across most of the well-known brands.

While in the newest and latest models, you even get to have 10 hours long battery life. For example, the Acer Chromebooks are the latest release and have a good battery life of 10 hours.

ASUS – The battery life for most of the ASUS laptops is also around 7 hours of use. But that’s not the case for all its models. In the new and upgraded versions, you’ll see an improved battery timing where you can reach in excess of 10 hours.

While in even higher and costly models, you may get an even longer battery life.

So, for the battery life, both Acer and ASUS are pretty much same.


ACER – The most important reason for Acer to become a growing and popular brand is the affordable price range it offers for laptops. You can say Acer is one of the cheapest brands in the market yet they manufacture durable and high-performance laptops.

Not all the Acer brands are cheap. You’ll find the latest and upgraded models to be costly comparative to older models but are still affordable as compared to other brands in the market.

ASUS – ASUS is surely an expensive brand as compared to Acer. But they too offer low to high-cost laptops. You can find the cheapest laptops as well as the costly ones. But even their most expensive laptops are affordable as compared to those of other higher brands.

In terms of price, ASUS is a little expensive brand than Acer.

Customer Service

ACER – Honestly speaking, when it comes to the customer service of Acer laptops, it’s not much appreciated. You don’t get immediate help or support from them and then you end up trying to get the issue fixed on your own.

This one thing about Acer has made it receive negative reviews.

ASUS – ASUS is the brand that provides great customer services and support. This is where ASUS wins over Acer without any doubt.

On average, Acer receives more complaints from its customers than ASUS does. It definitely does not mean that ASUS does not receive any complaints, because this would be somewhat unreal for any brand. But overall, ASUS is known to have a better reputation and good customer support.


Battery LifeWinnerWinner
Customer ServiceWinner
US Computer Market Share2.9%4.9%
RESCUECOM Computer Share4.66%4.51%
Reliability Score62108
Reliability GradeDC+

Acer or ASUS – Which One Is Better?

Well, both of these brands are of great value for the money they demand. It is difficult to choose one out of these two. Because some things are better in one while the rest are better in the other. So, it is better for you to decide on your own, according to your requirements and budget.

Acer and ASUS, both have become quite popular in the past couple of months. ASUS being a little expensive brand than Acer, excels in most of its features, comparative to those of Acer.

While a few things such as Durability and Battey Life, that create a tie among the two brands, there are other factors such as performance, Design and Customer Service that make ASUS win over Acer. But then, there’s Acer which is an ultimate winner in terms of Price.

Hence, everything is before you. It is now up to you to decide for yourself according to your preferences.


Acer and ASUS both are worth considering brands, having products under affordable prices. Most of the features create a tie between the two brands, in terms of which one is better.

Here is a very general opinion for you, which might be helpful for you.

  • Go for Acer laptop if you have limited budget and you’re looking for more performance in comparatively less money.
  • Choose ASUS laptop if you have a higher budget.

NOTE: Before you make a decision, make sure you research well about both the brands and then decide according to your preferences.


Which is cheaper Asus or Acer?
Interestingly, both offer affordable price range. But when compared to each other, Acer is less costly than ASUS. Although both the brands offer low to high-cost laptops, but ASUS is comparatively an expensive brand than Acer.
Is Acer a good brand?
Acer is an amazing brand and is highly appreciated for its value in lower price range. Its not the Best brand out there, but surely competitive to many brands. Its not as good as HP or Dell, but is also not bad to consider.
What is the number 1 laptop brand?
Apple, without any doubt, is the absolute Number 1 brand out there. Other than Apple, there are some others as well, included in the list of the Top brands in the market. Such as, HP, Lenovo and Dell.
Which is better Asus or Acer Chromebook?
In terms of having better Graphics cards and overall high Graphics Display, ASUS Chromebook is definitely a better choice. But when it comes to High Resolution Screen, Acer Chromebook is better.
Is Asus worth buying?
ASUS is surely the best, affordable brand out there. With amazing Performance and Durability, long Battery Life, great Customer Service and high-Quality products, ASUS is definitely worth buying.


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