Top Best Cheap Phones for Every Budget in 2021 Reviewed

There is a boom in the industry of smartphones from the last decade. There are many companies that introduce new technologies daily. Statistics show that there are 214 million cell phone users in the United States of America in 2020. That shows that people are very much interested in mobile phones.

The mobile manufacturing companies know this and know they have introduced many budget phones so that they can target the mass that doesn’t have many resources. There are many budget phones in the market that are competing with the expensive mobiles with their features but finding those mobiles is very complicated and you have to waste a lot of time finding them.

But the good thing is that we have done the research for you and compiled the list of the top 10 best budget phones for you which you can buy so you don’t have to waste your time.

1: Moto G Power Budget Smartphone

Moto G Power Budget Smartphone

If you are into smartphones then you might know that Motorola has some good budget options that have some premium-level features which you see in some top-notch expensive phones.

The best thing which makes this smartphone stand out in the market of these expensive phones is its battery it has a very powerful battery of 5000MAH that ensures that you don’t have to put your phone on the charge for at least 2 to three days yes you heard it right you have don’t need to put your phone on charge for two to three days.

The Moto G has three powerful cameras which makes sure that you can shoot every moment in your life. It has a 4GB RAM which is good for this kind of price range. It has a 6.4 inches screen that will enhance your gaming experiences. Not only this, the design of the phone is also very good and attractive but not as funky as the other expensive phones.

  • Strong and sleek design
  • Three cameras to shoot different angles
  • The strong battery that lasts for 3 days
  • Improved graphic quality
  • 6.4 inches HD display screen
  • Affordable option
  • Updating your mobile software is very complicated
  • The charging of this cell phone is very slow


2: Apple iPhone SE – IOS

Apple iPhone SE IOS

Apple is known for its high-quality premium level phones which are very expensive and top notch in every aspect camera, design and also in functioning. But they have also jumped in the budget market in 2020 with the Apple iPhone SE.

The look of the iphone is not that great when we see other designs of Apple but it is still better than the many phones in the market. The phone is very fast as compared to other phones of this price range due to its A13 bionic processor which is unexpected for the phone of this price range.

The problem with the Apple phones is that their battery is not that good but this budget phone has a decent battery that will last for at least 1 day which is a miracle for the Apple users. The most important thing about this phone is that it has a wireless charging system which is a very attractive feature.

It has two cameras which are not that good but we can say that it is better than many other competitors of this range.

  • Decent, slim and smart look
  • Top notch brand
  • It was released in 2020
  • It is a good budget option
  • Two cameras of 12 and 7 Megapixels
  • Wireless charging
  • Fast A13 bionic processor
  • It doesn’t have any night mode
  • The screen is a bit smaller


3: Google Pixel 4A Android Phone

Google Pixel 4A Android phone

This phone is named to be the best camera phone in the market in this price range. Most of the people are obsessed with cameras due to the social media revolution, so they want to buy the best camera phone in budget. If you are that kind of person then this one is the best for you.

The cell phone is not that old Google released this smartphone in the last year august when the whole world is dealing with the deadly pandemic they gave this budget phone to their customers. It doesn’t have many colors to choose. It only comes in black and blue which is pretty good because even the thousand-dollar iPhone doesn’t have many colors.

If we compare the Apple iphone SE with this phone in the photo competition this will easily beat the iphone. The look of this phone is also very simple and sleek. They don’t even think to add any kind of funky features like face unlock and other things of this kind. The most important thing about this phone is that it will update the Software till 2023 and it’s a Google phone, so the updates will be very smooth.

If you are not interested in the IOS and want the best budget android phone then this option is for you.

  • Good simple design
  • Outstanding camera
  • It has 128 GB memory
  • It is very easy to navigate
  • Software updates for three years
  • Good 5.8 inch HD display
  • Fast processor
  • Android did not last for long time
  • Not face/fingerprint unlock


4: Nokia 3.2

Nokia 3.2

Nokia was one of the best mobile phones just a decade ago and it is grabbing the market of mobile phones. Everybody has used Nokia cell phones since childhood if you are a 90’s kid. But then the revolution of smartphones vanished from the front but they are now trying to get something back and they have launched the Nokia 3.2 which is one of the best budget android phones in the market.

The phone has a memory of 16 GB and a RAM of 2GB which was expected from this price range phone. But they have really worked on the battery timing. They have put the 4000 MAH battery which makes it very easy to use for more than 40 hours after one charge. It has a fast processor which is good for daily life functioning but doesn’t play games in it because it would not be a great idea.

The thing which makes it stand out from the other budget phones is its screen which is 6.26 inches so it will give you a great experience if you like to watch movies or other videos on your phone.

  • Good and strong design
  • 6.62 inches full HD display
  • It has a great battery that lasts for 40 hours
  • Budget option
  • Well-reputed brand
  • No fancy features
  • Not slim
  • Poor quality camera


5: Samsung Galaxy A10 Budget Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A10 Budget Smartphone

Samsung always comes with the top quality phones and most of their phones are expensive ones but the one which we have chosen for you is one of the best budget phones from Samsung and it also has all the features that a person expects from this kind of phone.

The first thing which I like about this Samsung Galaxy phone is that it has a decent 6.2 inches IPS Display which gives you a very smooth experience while watching a movie or song. The other good thing about this mobile is that you can play games and watch movies for a long time because the battery life of this Samsung galaxy A10 phones is very good.

The design of the mobile phone is very basic and smart which you will like if you are a lover of simple things and the company also didn’t add the function of fingerprint sensor in this price range. If you want to get a little better than this one then you can go with the A20 which is also a very good budget option but it has a 6.4 inches screen with a super AMOLED display.

  • It has a very simple design
  • Decent big 6.2 inches screen
  • A good featured phone for this price range
  • Good battery life
  • You can do a basic level of gaming with this phone.
  • One year warranty
  • No fingerprint sensor
  • Low memory
  • The camera is not good.


6: Samsung Galaxy A51 Large Screen

Samsung Galaxy A51 Large Screen

It is another good budget option from Samsung which you can buy. The Samsung A51 has a very good 6.5 inches display which is very big in this price range of phones. It will give you the great bright picture quality if you are fond of watching movies or videos.

This phone is also that group which has a good amount of battery in this range because it also has a 4000MAH battery which allows the owner to use it for the 2 whole days to use with the single charge. The look of the mobile is also very good that you will find in any other cell phone of this range.  They don’t add any other things like fingerprint sensors or face unlock in it.

It has 128GB storage which is good storage in these types of mobiles. The camera of the Samsung A51 is not the best one which is expected but still you can click the decent level pictures and shoot videos.

  • Good and attractive plastic design
  • 4000MAH battery
  • It has a 6.5 inches full HD display
  • 128GB storage
  • One year warranty
  • Good budget option
  • No fancy features


7: TCL 10 Pro SmartPhone

TCL 10 Pro SmartPhone

TCL is a very famous company which is known for smart TVs and LEDs but now they have jumped into the mobile phone industry and this is their first cell phone launched in the USA. These phones are getting very popular these days due to their affordable prices and features.

It has a very good process which is perfect for the normal level of functioning of the cell and also for playing games for some extent. There are many phones that are focusing on the bigger screens in their budget options and this is also one from that it also has the 6.5 inches screen which is pretty awesome for someone who wants to watch movies on its mobile.

The best thing which makes this smartphone better than the others is that it has four cameras which mean that you can capture photos and shoot videos from all angles. The only problem with this phone is that updating the software is a very complicated process.

  • Premium and smart design
  • 6.5 inches screen
  • 4500MAH battery life which will last for more than 30 hours in one charge.
  • It has four cameras
  • Good processor
  • Good affordable phone
  • Software policy is very poor


8: OnePlus Nord N10 5G Phone

OnePlus Nord N10 5G Phone

It is another phone in the budget range which you can buy it has the good large LCD of 6.46 inches which is big but not as good as we compare to the other phones in this range but the best thing about this phone is that it has a very good front and back camera which will capture your moments bright and clear.

The main camera of the phone is 64 megapixels which are good and the front camera is 8 mega Pixel which is a great combination for the person who loves taking pictures. Most of the time the issue with the large screen mobile is that you can’t hold them but this mobile’s screen has 20:9 which makes it very easy to hold even with your one hand.

The processor is not so good but you can say that it will do your daily functions with great speed. The updated policy of this phone is good and it gives a two-year warranty for updating the software.

  • Full HD display with 6.46 inches screen
  • Decent battery
  • Good processor
  • Good front and main camera
  • Easy to hold in hand
  • It has Android 10 when you buy it.


9: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung is killing it with their budget-friendly mobile phones last year when everyone was dealing with the deadly coronavirus and it was hard for the people to balance their economies. When you start using it you’ll not feel like you are using a budget phone because of its premium features.

It has a very large 6.5 inches screen which gives you a great viewing experience and if we compared the refresh rate of this phone’s screen then it is even better than the iPhone 12 pro so, you can imagine how good the quality screen they have featured in the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

The phone has a very strong processor and a memory of 128 GB and RAM of 6 GB which makes it even better than most of the good mobile phones in the market which is way expensive than them. The mobile phone has a very good 32-megapixel camera for selfie lovers. As i said before, when you see the features you’ll forget that it is a budget phone and the same goes with the design of the phone it also gives it the premium look.

  • Premium look and feel
  • 5G support
  • High quality full HD screen
  • 32 megapixel selfie camera
  • 6GB RAM and 128 GB storage
  • Good battery timing with 4500MAH battery
  • One year warranty
  • Premium level support
  • No fancy features


10: POCO M3 Great Design Phone

POCO M3 Great Design Phone

It is also a very good budget-friendly phone. The best thing which i like the most in this phone from the first look is the catchy yellow color and design of the phone. The people who love the funky colors and designs will love this phone.

The best thing about this phone is that it is not only good in the look but it has 6GB RAM which is more than most of the expensive phones and it has two variants you can buy in 64 GB or in 128 GB. The battery of this smartphone has the biggest from all these budget options. It has a 6000 MAH battery which makes sure that you use an uninterrupted cell phone for 4 to 5 days.

There is one con of this phone that has a very poor up-gradation policy which means that if you are going to upgrade your software then it would be very complicated. If you are not the one who likes funky colors then you will hate this phone.

  • Attractive and bold design
  • Extra-ordinary battery life
  • Great camera
  • High quality speakers
  • 6GB RAM and 128GB storage
  • One year warranty
  • It comes with the Android 10



If you have read the article then you might know best cheap phones in the market but that are not so cheap in features and specification. But you might be interested in which ones are our top recommendations for the best budget phone 2021.


Which cell has the biggest screen?
The best budget phone with the biggest screen is Samsung Galaxy A51 but if you are asking which phone has an overall big screen without the difference of price than huawei mate 20X has the biggest screen with 7.2 inches full HD screen.
Where to buy the cheapest phone?
The best place to buy the cheapest phone is the Amazon. If you are going to buy the new phone or used phone Amazon is the best market for purchase and sale. Many times in the year the sellers put things on discount or there are many other coupons that you can get and you’ll buy the phone at a more discounted price.
Where can I buy burner phones?
There are many places to buy the burner phones but the best one is the Walmart. There are many good burner phones in the Walmart but if you have tried Walmart then you should go to your nearby local store to buy the good burner phones.
Which are the top mobile brands in the world?
The best brand that is on the top in selling cell phones in the world is Samsung then on the second number we have Apple and after that we have Google pixel then One plus and the fifth and the last one is Huawei.
What is the best budget phone to buy in 2021?
Finding the best budget phone from the market is a hectic task which everybody cannot do so, we have found the top 10 best budget phones for you. These are the top 10 budget phones for you. • Moto G Power Budget Smartphone • Apple iPhone SE- IOS • Google Pixel 4A Android phone • Nokia 3.2 • Samsung Galaxy A10 • Samsung Galaxy A51 • TCL 10 pro Smartphone • OnePlus Nord N10 5G Phone • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE • POCO M3 Great Design Phone These are the top 10 best budget phones which you can buy from Amazon.

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