Dell vs HP – Which Brand Is Better and Why?

In this pandemic, companies ordered their employees to work from home; that’s why it gives a boom to the laptop industry. It is estimated to reach US$24,253m at the end of 2021.

There are two most popular companies in the laptops. The one is Dell, and the other is HP. These two giant companies dominate the laptop industry. It doesn’t matter what your profession is; they have a laptop to meet your requirements.

Now the question is which one is better? and for that, we have to make a comparison of these two brands so we can tell which one is better so let’s compare them

Dell vs HP: Comparison Table

Futures & SpecificationDellHP

This is an American company, and it was founded by Micheal dell on 1 Feb 1984. The headquarter of this company is based in Round Rock, Texas. It has more than 165000 employees globally, making it one of the world’s biggest companies.

It is an American company whose headquarter is based in Palo Alto, California. Bill Hewlett and David Packard founded the company in 1939 in a car garage. That car garage is now marked as the birthplace of silicon valley. The Hewlett-Packard is mostly known as the HP.


It looks that dells prefer functionality over the laptop’s design; that’s why all laptops have basic design and structure, but the good thing is that it manufactures laptops in many colors.

The gaming laptops of Dell have some good designs that attract gamers. The design of the laptop is unique and creative.

You have rarely listened to any dell laptop having heating problems. Dell is known for the cooling technology of its machines.

Most of the peoples consider the sleek and smart look of the laptop at the time of buying. Hp has many good design laptops on their list, but the bad thing is that most of the laptops come in two colors.

The Hp’s laptops have full metal casings instead of plastic ones, and the metal casing looks more attractive.

The Hp use beats audio technology to give a premium sound experience to its customers. Hp knows the importance of good sound quality for the customers; that’s why they invested time to make it better.


Dell has two options on laptops: the budget option in which they use a dual-core processor, and the other is the expensive one in which they use the quad-core processor for better quality. Dell uses different processors for their laptops in which AMD and Intel are included.

In gaming laptops, Alienware uses NVIDIA graphics processors and AMD Radeon

Hp produces a good range of laptops in which usually include Intel and AMD processors, which perform well. Hp also has two options on the laptops; one is budget one. They use the Intel HD graphics processor, which makes the speed good.

They are now trying NVIDIA graphics processors Intel processors for the premium level quality in the expensive ones.


If screen size attracts you while buying a laptop, Dell has a good range of screen sizes. They have 11 to 17 inches screens.

The larger sizes of screens are full HD, but the smaller ones are not. If you like to watch movies on the laptop, then it will give you a premium experience. The pictures and videos are very bright on these screens.

The range of screen sizes is the same as Dell: 11 to 17 inches. The screen quality is not good in most Hp laptops, but they have HD screens in the high priced models. So for a better quality screening, you have to pay the premium price.

Dell laptops are mostly known as budget-friendly laptops. If you need a laptop on a budget, you should consider buying it from their budget range.

If you need a high specs gaming laptop, but your budget is limited, Dell is the best option. They have a variety of options. If we say that they have something for everyone, then it would not be wrong.

If you didn’t find your required machine in their range, they would build one for you. The reason for dell’s low prices is that the sale is through authorized retailers.

Hp laptops are mostly expensive than Dell laptops, and there are two reasons. The first reason is the cost of the laptop increases due to expensive materials and components.

The second reason is that middle persons are involved in the buying process, and they also have to earn their commission, which makes the laptop expensive.


The innovations in the laptops and trying to find out what is need for the audience is one thing that keeps Dell at the top of other competitors.

Dell tries to add new features to its laptops; some of its laptops have infinity edge, which means they have borderless screens.

The XPS series of Dell is an example of innovation. Unifrom shapes are Dell’s specialty, but they surprise everyone with the XPS series slim-shaped laptops.

Hp revolutionized hardware development with its new innovative printers, scanners, and laptops. This innovative characteristic is the reason for Hp’s success in the market.
From touch screen to the 2 in 1 machine, all are because of the Hp innovation. In the recent time specter, x360 is another example of Hp’s innovation to bring something revolutionary for its customers.
Battery Life

The average battery life of Dell’s laptops is 7 to 8 hours after a full charge and if you want it to increase two hours more then buy XPS series of laptop.

Dell tends to go for three cell batteries in most of their laptops, which are not suitable for long-term use like any other batteries.

The battery life of the Hp is recommendable. It can give an average of 8 to 12 hours, but it can vary from laptop to laptop. Mostly Hp uses 3 and 4 cell batteries in its laptops, which can be good or bad according to your use.

Hp claims that most of its batteries can be useful for more than 1000 full charges, which means that it would work perfectly for more than three years, so this is a good thing.

Gaming laptop

Dell owns Alienware, which is the big name in the industry of gaming laptops. Maybe it is new for you, but this company is specifically manufacturing gaming laptops.

Laptops are more expensive and equipped with full Nvidia Geforce GTX graphics cards and Intel and AMD quad-core processors needed in gaming laptops.

Hp may not own a particular brand in gaming, but it has many laptops for gaming. The Hp gaming laptops are equipped with Nvidia Geforce GTX graphics cards, and an AMD processor is not only for gaming but also for multitasking with it.

Support & Warranty

Dell has a premium level of support and warranty services, and all the Dell laptops come with a warranty that can never be overlooked by them.

If you face any problem with your Dell machine and you call the customer care center, they make sure to help you over the phone or remotely. If not successful, then they’ll refer you to the nearest Dell repair center. Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal, and that’s why they are one of the industry’s leading brands

Laptops come with three months of free phone support and a 1-year warranty for any hardware issues. Hp cannot compete with the support level of Dell. There are many ways to contact the sellers,

 but the support team does not respond appropriately, and the customers have to wait for a long time to get their problems to fix.

However, they have a youtube channel where they provide solutions, but that can’t replace the support team

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Dell Manufacturing Units

Most of Dell’s manufacturing units are working in Asia due to low-cost labor. Most companies tend to those countries where the product’s manufacturing cost would be low, and governments support companies.

Dell is assembling a new unit in Chennai, India, and for that, they will invest 60M$. The largest gaming company, Alienware’s laptops, is manufacturing in Austin, Texas, USA.

Hp Manufacturing Units

Hp covers 23% market in terms of laptops, and most of the laptops are also manufacturing in the USA. But some parts are manufactured in Asian countries, and for an Asian market, laptops are assembling in China.

Why the dell stand out?

Dell has a wide range of customers in every budget. They have something for everyone. Another best thing in which no one can beat Dell is the customer satisfaction level.

Some other things are the prices which took Dell ahead of every other in the market; they have more budget options than anyone else.

These things stand out from Dell, and the customer can trust it with its hard-earned money.

Why the Hp stand out?

Hp stands out in terms of the sleek and attractive designs of their laptops. The innovative two-in-one touch screen technology is right for you, and it is making your life entertained and easy.

Main Difference Between Hp and Dell

These are the main differences between Hp and Dell.

  • Hp is way better in the design of the laptop than dell.
  • In the build quality, there is a close tie between these two products.
  • The screen sizes and the display quality is the same in both brands they offer good quality screen in their expensive models.
  • Hp uses the four-cell battery, and Dell uses the three-cell battery. Hp’s battery performance is better.
  • Dell is a more budget option instead of expensive Hp laptops, and it has way more variety of options than Hp.
  • Dell has a premium level support service for its customers, 100% satisfaction, which can not be completed by every other plan.

When Dell?

If you are on a budget and needed a laptop that would fulfill your needs, you should go for Dell. They have a wide range of quality laptops, and if you didn’t get it from their range, they would especially make a laptop for your budget requirements.

If you are a gamer, then Dell’s Alien wear range is best for you. You will get a high-quality laptop with fancy and creative designs.

All the things aside but when you choose Dell, you get premium level support service, and if you ask me, I’ll say that this the best thing to go for Dell laptops.

When Hp?

If you a person who goes for the design, then definitely the Hp is for you. They have good sleek and attractive designs on their laptops that work well to meet your business needs.

Hp is best for travelers or the person who needs rugged laptops; the Hp laptops are made with durable and robust material for working in challenging conditions.

Other than this, Hp doesn’t have options that can drive customers like Dell


The answer to the question that which one is better is complicated because it will determine someone’s needs. If we talk about the innovation and specifications, both brands are very close to each other, but where Dell beat Hp is their wide range of laptops, which are low priced.

But Hp has attractive designs and durable laptops suitable for challenging conditions. The battery of Hp lasts for 3 to 4 years, and the Dell batteries last for 1 to 2 years, so clearly, Hp wins the battle here.

So the answer to the question of which one is better? Is that It depends on your situation.

If you need a laptop on a budget, then Dell. But if you love design, then you can go with Hp laptops.

If you need more battery life, then Hp is the better option. I hope you got your answer.

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Is a Dell laptop better than an HP?
Yes, Definitely; Dell is beating Hp in every field. Thye have a wide range of variety for every budget option for everyone. The support system of Dell makes it the priority of the customers
Which brand of laptop is most reliable?
Dell is the most reliable brand of laptops for customers. They provide a one-year premium warranty with all their laptops, and if there is any issue, they make sure to solve the issue in less time, so customers don’t have to wait long. These features of Dell makes it reliable for most of the customers.
Which is the better brand for budget options?
There is no doubt that Dell is the best brand to consider for budget options; they have many low priced laptops that work great. The Alienware gaming series of laptops is also way cheaper than the other gaming laptops.


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