Difference of Four Different Pc Case Sizes – 2021

When you are building your personal computer the first thing which you’ll need is the perfect pc case that meets your requirements. Whether you are selecting the case for your office or for your gaming setup the size and look of the case matters a lot.

There are many RGB and design options in the Pc that make sure that it matches your room or office interior. There are four sizes options that are available in these cases and we will review them all in this article, so you can decide that which one is suitable for your requirements.



The first thing which a person should look at when you are starting to build a pc is the motherboard because the size of the motherboard depends on the case size. There are many other components too in the pc like graphic card hard disk but the main is the motherboard.

There are four different sizes of the motherboards. These are the four motherboard options.

The first is called the Extended ATX and the size of the 12-inch x 13-inch is the biggest option available in the pc cases.

The second option of the motherboard is ATX and the size of this option is 12x 9.6 inches which is the smaller from the E-ATX.

The third option is the Micro ATX and the size of this is 9.6 x 9.6-inches which is the third smaller option

The last option is the Mini-ITX and the size of this is 6.7-inch x 6.7-inch  which is the smaller option from all of them.

Let’s review these four cases


1: Full Tower Pc Case

Full Tower Pc Case

It is the one of the biggest pc cases which you can use in your pc. If you have a big space for your pc then you should go for this case. If you are looking for the case in which you can install multiple fans and big graphic cards then this is the best option for you.

These cases are very popular in the gamers due to its elegant look and RGB lights which gives your overall setup a great look. The other reason for this case being more popular in the gamers and other people who are into graphic work is because they use the high quality graphic cards which are big then the other ones so, you can adjust them easily in this case.

If you have the ATX or E-ATX motherboards then this case is suitable for you and you don’t have to hesitate in buying this case.

  • Elegant and spacious case
  • RGB lights making it more attractive
  • It is suitable for big spaces
  • You can use this case with ATX or E-ATX motherboards
  • High quality Built
  • You can install big graphic cards in it.
  • The riser cable need to be more long


2: Medium Tower PC Case

Medium Tower PC Case

Medium Tower is the one of the best selling cases in the pc industry that means it is used by most of the personal computer holders but what is the reason? The reason is that this is the mid-level tower case which has the ability to install ATX, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboard. You can install mostly all three motherboards in it.

The best selling means that there is more competition in it and there are multiple companies trying to sell different attractive designs of mid-tower cases. This is also considered to be the budget case in the list and you don’t have to spend much amount on it. The case is not suitable for the big cooling radiators the best suitable radiator for this one is the 280mm.

This is one of the best cases which we will recommend to you if you are going to have the ATX, M-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboard.

  • Most popular pc case
  • You can install ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Different types of RGB lights
  • Many elegant designs to choose from
  • It is the affordable pc case option
  • It has a very sturdy and strong look
  • All daily used ports included
  • You can only install one HDD


3: Micro ATX Pc Case

Micro ATX Pc Case

If you go with the desktop versions of Hp, Dell or Lenovo then there are many chances that those computers will have this PC case. This is not the best one but you can say that if you are going to build a normal level pc with the Micro ATX or Mini ITX motherboard.

You can use this PC case for gaming but if you have big graphic cards then that would not install in this case but small graphic cards sit perfectly in it. The other downside of this case is that it does have the space for the cooling systems in it.

  • Good and sturdy look
  • You can install mid-range graphic cards
  • Different design options
  • Good decent price pc case
  • It is suitable for the Micro ATX or Mini ITX motherboard
  • Perfect for the normal desktop computers
  • You can’t install Long graphic cards
  • It doesn’t have enough space for the wires


4: Mini ITX PC Case

Mini ITX PC Case

If you are going to buy this pc case then first write all the components and then you have a plan of how you`ll adjust them in your case and if they will adjust or not? Most of the time people who have less space tend to go with the Mini ITX.

There is no room for the extra cooling systems and the graphic card is also mid-sized like the Micro ATX pc cases. There are many other limitations in it that you cannot install the hard disk of more than 3.5 inches and the SSD of 2.5 inches.

  • Cube-shaped stylish PC cases
  • RGB lights included
  • You can install Mini-ITX in it.
  • Different attractive design options
  • It is best for the small apartments and rooms
  • Worth of the money spent
  • Limited Hard disk and SSD space
  • You can’t add extra cooling systems



These are the four sizes of the pc cases which you can buy for your machine. If you are looking for a recommendation then it totally depends on your requirements. If you need a case for the E-ATX motherboard, big graphic cards, and large cooling system then you should select the Full tower version and if you want a compact size pc case then you should go with Mini-ITX.

This logic is also applicable to the other two sizes, so you can buy these cases according to your components and space requirements. The most common cause which is also the best selling case is the mid-tower case. It has many more design options to choose from with different RGB lights.

So, you can buy these cases from Amazon make sure to buy from our link so, we will receive a very little amount of commission.

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What are the different pc case sizes?
There are four common pc sizes available in the market which is a full tower or long tower pc case then medium tower case then Micro ATX case and the last one is Mini-ITX case. We have explained and reviewed all these PC cases in our above article and have a look at it.
What do the pc case sizes mean?
The main Pc sizes are most commonly measured by the size of the motherboard which is a very important part of your pc. That’s why the names of these sizes are also recognized by the motherboard name mostly.
Is a bigger PC case better?
The bigger pc means that it has more capacity to install the bigger graphic cards and bigger cooling system that’s why they are considered to be the best ones. There are also bigger hard disk and SSD options which are needed in the good pc.
How do I know if computer parts will fit in my case?
When you are going to buy the pc case, firstly you have to make a plan. All the components and cases come with its dimensions, lengths, and sizes so if you look at both you can easily know that which components will fit in your case.

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