Gaming Desktop vs Gaming Laptop – Which is Better for You?

With an astonishingly increasing culture of playing games, choosing the Best Laptop or Desktop has become an extremely important question. The Gaming trend has not only introduced a huge competition between different players from completely different countries and regions, but it has also introduced a new way of earning through the gaming business. And this is obviously a good thing.

When it comes to online gaming, only a good Laptop or a good Desktop would help you achieve your goals. A Desktop or Laptop with greater performance will help you play games for hours without having to face the troubles of heated up or slow systems.

So, when it comes to the question of Gaming Desktop or Laptop, it’s quite difficult to find an answer in a couple of words. Because there are so many things which are to be considered in case you’re making a decision regarding these two.

So, in this very article, we would be comparing the Gaming Desktops and the Gaming Laptops in order to make it clear that which source would be more effective in what regards.

Gaming Desktop vs Gaming Laptop – The Differences

The gaming Laptop is smaller in size and is portable as well. While a Gaming Desktop is larger in size and is customizable as well. Both of these are amazing things to consider but still, they are good in some ways while not-so-good in others.

The most obvious difference between the Gaming Desktop and Gaming Laptop is of size. Laptops are smaller in size and can be carried anywhere along with you. While on the other hand, the Desktops are larger in size and you cannot carry them with you.

Desktops have to be fixed in a place and to play games, you have to be at that place. While the laptops can be used anywhere and everywhere and you just have to carry them with you.

Another big difference between the two is that of the electricity connection. The Desktop requires electricity in order to work. Or you can say that the availability of electricity is a must in order to use Gaming Desktops.

While a Laptop would work for as long as it is charged. You may just charge your Laptop and then carry and use it for hours, whether you have an electricity connection or not.

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Gaming Desktop vs Gaming Laptop – Upgradeability


In case of upgradeability, Gaming Desktop surely wins. This is because you may build up your Desktop system according to your own personal choice and your preferences. And obviously, when you build up your own Desktop, you can easily upgrade it in future as well, just according to your increasing needs and requirements.

For example, if in the future you want to add a faster RAM or a better Graphics Processor Unit (GPU), you can easily do that too. Some of the pre-built Desktops might not support the standard-sized motherboards so their upgradeability is limited. But still, the RAM, GPU, and CPU could be upgraded as long as they use the same chipset.


While on the other hand, you cannot build up your own laptop. One flexibility that the Laptops offer is that you may change the RAM and storage if this fixes your requirements. Moreover, some of the laptops have a replaceable desktop-class processor and a modular GPU. But it is a bit difficult to access these parts as compared to the Desktop systems.

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Gaming Desktop vs Gaming Laptop – Performance

The performance of a system largely depends on the specifications of the system that you choose, may it be a Desktop or a Laptop. But in this debate as well, a Gaming Desktop will still remain more powerful than the laptop.


This is due to many factors. Firstly, more fans allow better cooling and at the same time, better heat dissipation. This keeps the temperature of your Desktop low and hence; it works better and faster. Moreover, Desktops also allow liquid cooling if you want to go for it. And the overclocking potentials are also best on the Desktops.


On the other hand, Laptops do not provide this much flexibility in performance. Although, they do work great for different purposes and they do come close to Desktops in many things. But when it comes to Gaming, which is a heavy and power-consuming activity, Laptops may not work as great as Desktops do.

The cooling and heat dissipation system may also not be much as good as that in the self-build desktops. Hence, Desktops are a better option for gaming in terms of Performance.

But besides all these things, if you want to carry your computer with you, then the Gaming Laptop definitely makes more sense. Because you can not carry your desktop with you even if you want to. But you can surely take your laptop with you.

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Gaming Desktop vs Gaming Laptop – Portability


The portability factor is pretty obvious though. The Desktops are not portable as they cannot be carried along. The Desktops include monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Mouse and a lot of cables to make connections. So even if you plan to build up the smallest Desktop so that it would be portable, still you would need a monitor to use and a lot of peripherals as well.


But in the case of a Laptop, it is much easier to carry it along. All that you need is a charger and the laptop itself. As long your laptop is charged, it would be working great without the need for any other connection or cables.

There is an already fixed keyboard, a mousepad, and a built-in display. You may easily fit your Gaming Laptop in your backpack without any worries and start using it wherever and whenever you want.

Hence, Portability is the strength of the Laptops and so, the Gaming Laptops win in this regard.

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Gaming Desktop vs Gaming Laptop – Hardware Upgrades


The Desktop computers are pretty much Upgrade-friendly. All their internal components are easily visible when you open up the CPU. In case of any defects, the components may be replaced instead of having to change the whole CPU.

Moreover, instead of buying a new system when the world introduces new and upgraded hardware, you can just upgrade your Desktop according to the new requirements. Also, it is much easier to recognize the defective part or component of the hardware in your desktop system as compared to that in the laptops.


No doubt that the laptops win in terms of portability but this has downsides as well. The design and architecture of the laptops are pretty much compact due to which it is much difficult to upgrade them. Moreover, their components do not get replaced that easily. You might have to shift to a new laptop in case one of its most important components stop working which cannot be replaced.

Some of the laptops do allow to change or upgrade the RAM and GPU, but still, it is a difficult task.

Hence, the Gaming Desktops again are a better option when it comes to Hardware Upgrading.

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Gaming Desktop vs Gaming Laptop – Sound Efficiency

The perfect sound is one of the most important things for gamers. A gamer would tell you how much the sound matters in providing thrill and excitement while playing the games. An irritable sound might gradually lessen your interest in the game but a good sound will keep you stick and concentrated on the game.


The Desktops provide insanely amazing sound quality for gaming. They offer a variety of output options in terms of sound. The sound of Gaming Desktops actually makes you feel like you’re in your own private amphitheater and you got to win it for sure.


The Gaming Laptops provide great sound quality. The new and advanced laptops are great in terms of their sound quality. But unfortunately, if the working of cooling fans in your laptop system is not as great as it should be, then the sound of the speakers might differ as the fan might interfere with its constant whirring due to a greater load.

So, you may rely on both: the gaming Desktop and the gaming laptop but still, if you prefer extraordinary powerful sound effects, you would find them mostly in the desktop systems.

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Gaming Desktop vs Gaming Laptop – Storage


The Gaming Desktops have a large amount of storage space as they are built with an aim of making them perfect for gaming purposes. gamers love to install different games and then keep going towards their updated versions which obviously require more freed-up space.

The Desktop systems have a lot of SATA ports. SATA stands for “Serial Advanced Technology Attachment”. It helps in easy communication of the hard drives with the motherboard and in return, provides high-speed installation and storage of games.


Laptops, on the other hand, have a lower RAM. Quite many laptops allow the installation of additional RAMs in order to increase the storage but it is pretty much tricky. Also, it’s much complicated to access the RAM slots in gaming laptops.

Another problem that comes in the way of their storage is their size. You cannot install extra hard drives or SSDs. If you run out of storage space, you may simply replace the present Hard drive or SSD, or you may start utilizing the external storage.

So, if a comparison is done in terms of the storage in the gaming Desktops and gaming Laptops, the Desktops come in the first place.

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Gaming Desktop vs Gaming Laptop – Pricing

Well, the price of both the Desktops and Laptops vary according to their specifications and performance. You may easily find a low-priced Desktop or laptop as well. But when the price would be low, the quality of their internal components would be cheap and the performance would be low as well.

But the Gaming systems require high-quality components with an extraordinary speed to make them work perfectly for them. So, the price actually matters a lot.


The Gaming Desktops are comparatively cheaper than the Laptops. But when you design a Desktop system according to your own needs and requirements, you definitely have to spend a lot of money. This is because the already built desktops are not so well built-in in accordance with the high power-consuming activities such as Gaming.

Moreover, you would have to buy a separate keyboard and a mouse which work ideally. Because the ones that come along with the complete set, are pretty bad to use.


The Laptops have a higher price range but low-priced laptops are available as well. in the case of Gaming Laptops, you would not need to spend extra money on the Keyboard or speakers. They are already attached to the laptops. All you would need is a mouse for a better gaming experience.

So, the cost-related debate results in a tie between the two. A desktop system is surely cheaper than the Laptops but its additional components that you would require for your Gaming purposes such as a good quality keyboard, a mouse and speakers, these would definitely make you spend extra money.

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Gaming Desktop vs Gaming Laptop – Advantages and Disadvantages


Can be used for high-end gamingHas to be connected to the mains
Can easily be upgraded and components can be replacedNot portable
You can find monitors in different sizes.Occupies more Disk space
Higher specifications than a LaptopElectric cables could trip hazards
Flexible DesignNeeds more physical space in the room
Has a greater range of I/O portsBig and heavy


Can be used for high-end gamingA bit weak performance mainly due to scaling
Greater productivity and availability of informationService life is much less than the desktop
PortableNeeds to be charged in case you want to carry it with you
More power-efficient than the desktopsThe components are adjusted in a single space, which makes it pretty much difficult to replace them when needed to
Much quieter than the desktop modelsMore security issues due to wireless networks
Smaller in size and lighter in weightLimited customization

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Which one is Better for you: A Gaming Desktop or a Gaming Laptop?

This choice is completely yours. Depending upon your requirements and needs and your budget, you may decide which one should you go for.

But in case you still need a suggestion for a better choice, let us help you out.

  1. If you want a bigger display with extraordinary performance and graphics, you should go for the Desktop.
  2. If you want to carry your gaming system along with you to different places, then a Laptop would work better for you. But if you want your system to be fixed inside a room where nothing else distracts you, and you want to play games with an already built setup, then obviously a Desktop would work for you.
  3. If you prefer a greater sound quality and you think that the built-in speakers don’t offer that much satisfaction and thrill, then again you would have to go towards the Desktop. The advanced laptops too have a great sound quality but still, what separate speakers provide, laptop’s in-built speakers do not.
  4. If you plan to build up your gaming system according to your own preferences and you plan to upgrade the system according to the new advancements and enhancements, only a Desktop can offer you that.

This is because you cannot build up your own laptop or upgrade its components (other than just a few) in the future, even if you want to.

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After a long comparison between the Laptop and Desktop computers, we have come to the conclusion that a Desktop system wins in most of the regards for gaming purposes. With the speed, performance, display, and upgradeability, everything is better on the Desktop than on the Laptop.

But one other thing that to makes a difference is Portability. Desktops are not portable as they cannot be carried along. But you may easily carry the Laptops with you even in your backpacks and use them wherever and whenever you want to.


Are the gaming laptops as good as the gaming desktops?
Not really. Even the most high-quality laptops with powerful fans would make your laptop heated up after a few hours of gaming activity. This is because gaming activities consume the most power.
Which one provides greater speed and performance: A desktop or Laptop?
All other things aside, but laptops cannot beat Desktop systems when it comes to higher speed and greater performance. And so, you’ll surely have a better gaming experience with a Desktop instead of that with a Laptop.
How much RAM is needed for a gaming computer?
If you plan to keep using your computer for the games and even the new releases of games in the future, then 16 GB of RAM would be pretty much enough. But still, in case you’re a next-level high-end gamer and you think you require more of the space, then you may go for 32 GB.
Are the Desktop computers still used?
Yes, desktop computers are still used and they’re quite popular as well. their components can be easily upgraded whenever you want to do so and they are easier to customize as well.


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