HP vs Lenovo – Which Brand is Best

Well, it’s the question tech junkies are asking for decades. Which company is better?


Both the companies are considered giants in their own technology race. So who is the better one? Who’s ruling the industry?

Well, these questions cannot be answered in one go. We have to break it down into different aspects every company offers to find whose better in the technological race.

When you compare two brands you have to make sure that the brands you are comparing fall in the same spectrum as per their expertise. If you compare a high specification costly product with low specifications cheap product it is not the right comparison.

Lenovo offers the price range of $400 to $2000, while HP’s PC’s and laptops are even higher in the upper range than Lenovo.  So it is totally useless to compare a high-end laptop with a low-grade product.

The comparison should be done on similar factors that can give a clear sense in which one provides what expertise and which one takes an edge on the other.

Following are the factors on which we are going to rank both the companies

  • Dependable
  • Memory availability
  • Data storage capacity
  • Processor speed
  • Display type
  • User friendly
  • Business/ Gaming

Lenovo is the largest-selling laptop brand about 20% of worldwide PC are sold by Lenovo. It’s also a Chinese brand and that has a lot to contribute to these statistics. Lenovo has launched ThinkPad and Ideapad both are a great choice for laptops

HP is an American company and is in the market for decades. It’s a very reliable name in laptop providers. It’s a little costly than Lenovo if we compare it.

Lenovo machines are usually great at providing an excellent design, great functionality, and crystal clear display. They are great at the value of money.

HP also provides great solid performing laptops with great audio quality but sometimes they show weakness in their visual department. Plus with a higher cost than Lenovo, they fall short in providing value for money

If you talk about Dependability both companies are great and you can depend on both as their performance is great. They function extremely well. The keyboard function for both is just average as inset white characters are always preferred over foil stamped.

HP is great for entertainment and gaming experience while Lenovo is best for business and official use.

Let’s look at some specification

SpecificationsLenovo 320HP Pavilion  × 360Lenovo ThinkPad T570
Screen size15.6 inches15.6 inches15.6 inches
Processor2.5 GHz intel core i52.3 GHz i5 6200-U2.4 GHz intel core i5
Hard Drive1 TB HDD 5400 rpm1 TB Hard Drive500GB HDD
OSWindows 10Windows 10Windows 10
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 620Integrated  GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 620
Touch screenYesYesNo
USB 2.0210
USB 3.0123
Dimensions15×11×1 inches15×9.8×0.9 inches14.4×10×0.8 Inches
PriceCheck On AmazonCheck On AmazonCheck On Amazon

Lenovo laptops offer a high level of display. They have a personalized option. You can use the multiple screens facility. Lenovo and HP both provide a great number of settings that provide ease for people with sight issues.

It provides screen magnification options. It increases the contrast and changes can be done with the keyboard.

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Entertainment laptops

When your goal is gaming and entertainment you can go for HP. They provide a great gaming experience with great sound and quick performance. You can access all the options


In terms of innovation, HP is one of the top ones, and a good example is the HP Spectre Folio. Unlike most convertible or detachable laptops, the Folio comes with leather material and a unique sturdy hinge that ensures that you can easily switch from one mode to another.

And if you are a gamer, I will recommend the Omen X2S because the machine is one of the few laptops that sport a secondary display that is basically designed for twitch streamers.

Another outstanding model is the Spectre x360 that is equipped with a kill-switch for the webcam. You can use this feature to instantly switch off the front camera if you want more privacy. Another innovation from HP that is worth mentioning is the SureScreenView that enhances image clarity.

Lenovo is another excellent company that is always looking for new ways to enhance productivity. For example, the Lenovo C930 is one of the few laptops that are equipped with an E-ink display.

It is lightweight, packed with a precision pen and a knock-to open feature that a lot of people will find interesting. It ensures that you can have quick and easy access to your laptop, and another notable feature that comes with this laptop is the Dolby Atoms soundbar placed in the right hinge.

The Lenovo ThinkPad series is also worth mentioning; the ThinkPad X1 is arguable the lightest 14-inch laptop that you will find in the market right now. And the most fascinating one is the recently launched foldable laptop that belongs to the ThinkPad X1 family.

When it comes to innovation, both brands are doing exceptionally well, and you can always go with anyone that you prefer.

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Business-oriented laptops

Lenovo laptops are more oriented toward the business end. They targeted their audiences very quickly. They are great at handling large business application such as Microsoft Office and quick book

Lenovo has extra portable laptops with great battery life. Battery life is such a great plus. Lenovo think pad x60 was tested to have a battery life of 8 hours and 16 min

Lenovo vs HP – Head-to-Head

In order to help you decide which brand to purchase your next laptop from, we’ve assessed Lenovo vs HP laptops in several key areas.

Performance (Winner: Lenovo)

Which has better performance, HP vs Lenovo? Well, it comes down to the individual laptop. To answer this question fairly, you have to look at the specs for each particular laptop.

It’s worth considering how you will use the computer. Chromebooks, for example, are incredibly cheap. They are perfectly adequate for word processing, browsing the web, and watching Netflix. Although, they won’t be much good for heavy-duty video or photo editing.

With that in mind, HP offers better budget laptops while Lenovo has the power. Considering the power Lenovo laptops have for their price, Lenovo wins this category.

Versatility (winner: Lenovo)

There is no doubt that when looking at versatility, Lenovo products vastly outstrip HP. The Yoga and Flex ranges contain incredible-looking and top-performing hybrid laptops.

They aren’t too pricey either. In particular, the Lenovo Flex 5 offers magical performance for under $600. The touch screen and Active Pen allow the laptop to be used in many ways, from necessary word processing to photo editing.

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Price (Winner: equal)

When comparing the components in each competitor’s computers, Lenovo laptops come out slightly cheaper. But the difference is so small it’s not worth considering.

As mentioned earlier, it is worth noting that HP does offer better budget laptops. Their Chromebooks, in particular, provide fantastic value for money. If you’re looking for something cheap to get your word processing done or watch Netflix in the evening after work, HP laptops are the way to go.

If a high-end gaming laptop or business laptop is what you’re after, go for Lenovo.

Support (Winner: equal)

Both HP and Lenovo, being the two biggest sellers of laptops on earth, have big tech support teams. The vast majority of their tech support resources are available online. Many solutions to common problems users face are in their easy-to-navigate FAQ sections.

Both suppliers offer extended warranties on their laptops. Users for both brands report that getting a faulty laptop replaced is no problem with either supplier.

Reliability (Winner: equal)

Most modern laptops are highly reliable – you would be unlucky to receive a computer that’s dead on arrival in 2021. If bad luck does strike, both Lenovo and HP can replace your chosen laptop quickly.

That said, if you’re worried about your laptop being out of date in a year or two, make sure to select a model with at least an i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. Most Chromebooks will be out of date in just a few years, whereas something high-end for $1000+ will likely last closer to 5 years. It’s also not very sustainable to buy a new laptop every two years.

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Lenovo Pro’s And Con’s

  • Great balance of affordability and power. Lenovo laptops are hard to beat
  • Though it depends on the laptop it provides a great battery timing
  • Lenovo has a yoga line, Ideapad line ThinkPad line they have got the market completely covered.
  • It has a minimal design, not very attractive for many users
  • Outside the ThinkPad, they don’t offer any luxury line at the high end.
  • They are great providers of value of money but still, more budgeted laptops are available if you are low on money


HP Pro’s And Con’s

  • They are the most attractive laptops available in the market. They are well finished and typically have high standards as well
  • They have a wide range of different laptops to choose from
  • If you are looking for a cheap or high-end laptop you can find one that fits your budget
  • Hp is the biggest name in the computing market.
  • Depending on which country you are in you might not have customer service
  • They provide great hardware but still better high-end products are available
  • There are quite a lot of options but still will be very difficult to choose from


 Lenovo vs HP – Most Commonly Asked Questions

Is Lenovo better than HP?

If you’re looking for the better brand of the two, I’d say they’re actually about equal in terms of quality. However, Lenovo tends to be a little bit cheaper than HP, so obviously they provide the better deal.

Why are Lenovo laptops so cheap?

It’s a good question, and the answer is pretty much the same as why androids are cheaper than the iPhone; it’s all about the brand. HP is able to charge a higher price than most of the competitors because they have decades of experience in the industry selling a wide range of products, and their name is well known.

It hasn’t always been that way for Lenovo, which has been able to source the same quality parts as HP and sell them for less.

What are the top 5 computer brands?

If you’re wondering whether HP or Lenovo would make it into the top 5 computer brands, then the answer is that they both would. HP and Lenovo would be joined by Apple, Dell, and maybe ASUS coming in fifth place.

Are HP laptops made in China?

Many people think that because the HP headquarters is in America that their products are made there too. This actually isn’t the case, as most of the parts of an HP laptop come from China and other countries in Asia.

Some HP laptops are put together in America, but most of them are assembled in China as well.

Can Lenovo and HP be trusted?

Both brands are well known within the computing industry and are very reputable, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of their products too much.

As always, it’s probably best for you to get a solid warranty with any laptop purchase, as this can help to protect you from any issues later down

Both these brands, and the four models we chose for our test, are excellent. Differences between them are generally small, although there is a significant difference between models in the two price levels.


You cannot really compare a $500 laptop with a $1,000 alternative. However, within each price range, it was evident that Lenovo was the business model and the HP better in most ways for entertainment and games use.

Lenovo has the edge because of its focus on helping business features. HP is not quite up to speed with Lenovo on the business end but it comes close.

You can still get all your work done easily and efficiently, but it may use a good bit of battery power if you are away from a power source – and your laptop will likely be a bit heftier to lug around.


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