7 Best Ink Tank Printers of 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter if you are doing a job or running a business printer is crucial because it makes your life quick and easy. You might wonder what about the paperless office everyone is talking about, which was just fiction for a seminar day. The reality is that everyone needs a printer if he’s a student or office employee.

In the past, people, are very annoyed with the cartridge printer because they are costly. The quality was also not good, so the companies come up with ink tank printers that are high quality and lower in price, and the people love them.

But there are many ink tank printers in the market from different brands, so choosing from all those printers is a time-consuming process, but we have made it simple for you. We have reviewed all tank printers in the market and select the seven best printers to meet your needs.

1. Epson EcoTank ET-2720

Epson EcoTank ET-2720The first good thing about this Epson printer is that you are not facing cartridges because it has ink tank bottles featured by the Epson printers first time in the market. They are continuously working to improve it to make it better for their customers.

It is a wireless printer, can be easily connected to your wifi, and also voice-activated. The ink tank that comes with the printer can work for more than one year if you use it lightly. The ink tank can print 4500 black and white paper and 7500 colored pieces, and then you need to refill it with the fresh ink tanks.

If you are working from home in this time of crisis, this printer is perfect. It comes with a back tray that can hold up to 50 papers in it. You can connect it with your windows device, iPhone. ipad and other android smart devices and can print your essential documents without any inconvenience.

The look and feel of the printer is very high quality, and you can assess it when you are setting it up, but the problem is that they don’t add the touch screen functionality in it.

Epson is a very high-quality brand when we talk about printers. If we say that Epson is the pioneer of ink tank printers, it would not be wrong. They are trying hard to gives their customer premium quality printers and not only this, but they are also offering a two-year warranty with their printer so, if any printer is not working well you can replace it with the new one.

  • Sleek and smart look
  • Premium quality cartridge-free printers
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Economical printers
  • You can connect it with an iPhone, ipad, and other android devices
  • Wireless
  • It can print 4500 black and white and 7500 colored papers.
  • Very easy to fill and refill ink bottles
  • It comes with USB ports.
  • It comes with the two years warranty.
  • It doesn’t have a touch screen like all other models.
  • Paper capacity is really small.


2. HP Smart-Tank Plus 651

HP Smart-Tank Plus 651This printer was launched back in 2019, and hp added the ink tank printer to it. The primary purpose of adding the ink tank printer is to lower the maintenance cost, unlike the cartridge printers, which have a higher maintenance cost.

The Hp is a very well-known brand in the laptops and pc industry, but they are now also dominating the printer’s market with their premium quality printers. It is the most straightforward printer, making the printing process very quick with a 35 pages auto load printer.

It can print the 6000 black and white documents and 8000 colored documents within two years; if you use the cartridge printers for this work, you’ll have to change 90 cartridges, increasing the maintenance cost. If you want to buy it for small printing jobs, then it is perfect for you. The Hp is known for its high-quality designs of the printer. The design of HP Smart-Tank plus 651 is also ingenious and attractive, and hp has put a lot of thought into it.

This printer’s speed is 11ppm in black and white and 5ppm, and if you are printing the colored documents. You can easily connect the printer with your smart phones and other IOS and android models with dual-band wifi.

The Hp is a very well-known brand; they stood behind their product by giving a one-year limited time warranty and a premium level customer support available for you 24 hours and seven days a week.

  • Smart and elegant design
  • Two years of ink included with the printer
  • It has auto page-feeder
  • It is straightforward to set up.
  • It can print 6000 black and white papers and 8000 color papers.
  • Touch-screen controlling panel
  • Dual-band wifi
  • It can easily connect with your mobiles and tablets.
  • One year limited warranty
  • Premium level customer support for 24/7
  • It has only 2.2 inches control panel, which is very small.
  • A bit pricey


3. Brother MFC-J995DW

Brother MFC-J995DWFirst, anyone noticing in the printer is the printer’s shape and look, so, look wise, the printer beats all its competitors in the market. The brother is also treating its customers as its real brother and providing luxurious printers that will enhance the look of your office set up.

Now let’s talk about the functionalities; it has the flatbed scanner to scan the 8.5x 11.7 inches documents. The printer is straightforward to handle; you can feed the 20 sheets in its auto-feeder for scanning, copying, or printings. There are two ports in the printer; one is for the USB, and the other is for the Ethernet cable. If you want to do some networking prints, you can do it easily with the printer.

The tray of the Brother MFC-J995DW can hold up to 150 sheets of the standard size, and you can directly print something with your card from this printer by entering in the slot of the memory card.

It has a 2.7 inches beautifully made touch screen magic panel which will make the setting environment very easy and eliminates all the complications. You can easily sync it with your mobile devices and tablets wirelessly.

The ink that comes with your printer gives you the capacity to print it for one year if you are printing the 150 pages per month, and you can also go for the XL model, which provides you ink for the two years if you have high work printing load.

  • Elegant design and color
  • It will add luxury to your office setup.
  • It is compatible with the LC3033: LC3033BK, LC3033C, LC3033M, LC3033Y, LC3035: LC3035BK, LC3035C, LC3035M, LC3035Y inks
  • It includes the ink for one year with the printer
  • You can connect it with your android and IOS devices
  • It has USB and Ethernet cable ports in it.
  • You can also print through a memory card.
  • It is very reliable for the home-based office
  • The installation and set up is a breeze
  • It has magical 2.7 inches touch screen panel
  • Very loud and slow
  • Cartridges are slightly lowered than other ink tanks in the list.


4. Canon PIXMA G4210

Canon PIXMA G4210The canon mega tank printer comes with three bottles of black color ink and three other colors. The printer also has a CD, which is very helpful in the installation and setting it up. The cannon claim that the ink that comes with the printer is 30 times more than any other printer in the market.

It can print up to 6000 black pages and 7000 coloring pages. It is very similar to its previous version of the printers, but it has the mega tank, which lowers printing costs for you. It does not have fancy things like LED screens; the screen is tiny and simple compared to the other printers on the list.

It has the two cartridges you have to install in the printer; installing them would not be difficult if you are doing it by following the manual guide that comes with the printer. You can quickly fill up the bottles of ink; you have to open the bottle of ink and then fix it on the tank, and within minutes the bottle will be filled.

You can connect the printer easily with your android devices or your IOS devices. The printing and copying process would not belong because it has the 20 sheets automatic feeder, printing, scanning, and copying the sheets quickly. It has 8.5 ppm for the black and white documents and 5ppm for the colored documents, which is not too bad.

  • Simple but premium black printer
  • Basic screens for control panel
  • It has 30 times more ink than others.
  • The printer works with Google cloud print, air print.
  • It has mega tank printing technology.
  • Economical printing for your office
  • You can connect it with your android and IOS devices.
  • It can print 6000 black and 7000 colored documents.
  • It is suitable for your home-based setup
  • It doesn’t have an Ethernet port.
  • Some people might find the setup process complicated
  • It doesn’t have a touch screen panel.


5. Canon PIXMA G1200

Canon PIXMA G1200It is the first version of the canon mega tank printer line and the cheaper version than the other Canon Pixma series models. It probably comes to everybody’s mind that i can buy a printer for 50$ from the local store; yes, it is true, but the problem with those printers is that their ink coast more than the printers, which makes the maintenance expenses.

The canon printers provide high-quality printing machines, which are the most effective ones, and the speed provided by the printer is 8.8 ppm for text and five ppm for colored documents.

If you plan to buy this printer, it would be better than the cartridge printer because the work done by this printer is equivalent to the 30 cartridges and makes it more expensive.

The printer can print the 6000 black and white pages and 7000 other coloring pages suitable for this price printer. The setup of this printer is also straightforward, and you don’t need any technical knowledge. Filling and refilling the ink is very easy; you need to open the cover and fix the ink and it.

It has a USB port which means that you can print documents directly from your USB. If you are looking for the basic printer that gives you average speed and can print your important documents through pc or USB, this model is perfect for you.

  • Simple basic single function printer
  • A cheaper option in all versions of mega tanks
  • Easy filling and refilling
  • It has 30 times more ink than the other printers in the market.
  • Perfect for your light work in an office
  • It can print 6000 black and white and 7000 colored documents.
  • Borderless printing of documents and photos
  • 8.5ppm and 5ppm printing speed
  • It has a USB port.
  • Set up a process of this printer is a mess
  • It is not a wireless printer so, it cannot work with your devices


6. Epson Expression Premium Eco Tank

Epson Expression Premium Eco TankThis printer uses eco tank technology, making the printing process cheaper and more expensive than traditional printers. The printer’s technology makes the filling process very easy you have to put the color bottles on the tank, and the color will be filled.

There are two sets of inks included with the printers, so; it will print your 14000 black and white papers and 9000 colored papers. If you are into photo printing, then you can also print 3400 high-quality photos.

If you have to refill the inks, then the ink’s cost is also very economical, and it is advised by the brand to use genuine inks for premium quality printing. The other versions of the Epson printer are very bulky ones, but they have revised the design and now make it very small and slim, giving it a very premium look.

Some people might find the refilling ink process very messy, but filling ink in this tank printer is very easy, and all the process is splashes-free because it has specific nozzles for all colors; you have to attach the color bottle with it, and you can see it filing through the transparent front of the machine.

You can easily connect with the wifi or any other android or IOS devices and set it up. The setup process is straightforward. It has a USB port and a port for Ethernet cable, which means you can print documents through the USB and even through your local networks. It has two trays to hold the sheets, one for the 80 standard photocopy sheets and the other tray for the 20 glossy sheets of photo printing.

  • The slim and smart design of the printer
  • It comes with two sets of inks.
  • Cartridge-free printers
  • 2.7 inches color LCD control panel
  • Cheaper and economical printing
  • The printer comes with the two years ink
  • You can print 14000 black pages and 9000 color pages.
  • You can also print 3400 photos with the ink included in them.
  • It connects with the wifi and all other smart devices.
  • Poor customer service


7. Epson EcoTank ET-2750

Epson EcoTank ET-2750Epson is a very well-known brand dominating the printers’ industry, and they are the first ones to launch the tank technology in the printers. This one is another cartridge-free printer and very cost-efficient because it has two sets of inks with it, and Epson claims that the ink will last for two years.

Comparing this printer with any of the cartridge printers saves up to 80% of the ink cost, making it 80 times better than the cartridge printers. The printer can print the 6500 black and white pages and 5200 colored documents with the printer’s ink.

The look and the design of the printer give it a very rough and elegant look. The Epson printers are designed with durable materials inner-outer side to last with you for your life.

Most people worry about the ink filling process because they are known to another printer in which the filling is just a mess, but in this printer, you can fill the ink with a breeze and without even getting anything dirty. Always use the genuine ink of the Epson printers to get the maximum premium results.

You can also connect the Epson EcoTank ET-2750 wirelessly through any Android and IOS devices and set them up through it. It also has a USB port and Ethernet cable, which means you can print the documents through your USB.

  • Sleek and rough look
  • High-quality build material
  • It comes with two sets of ink.
  • You can print up to 6200 black and white pages and 5200 coloring pages with the printer’s ink.
  • 80% lower cost than the cartridge printer
  • Automatically print both sides of the paper
  • Connect with the andriod and IOS devices easily
  • Set up of the printer is a breeze
  • USB cable not included in the box
  • Late delivery issues


Buying Guide

These are the 7 best printers in the market which you can buy but the thing which you might be thinking that the features make a printer better than others. So, we’ll describe some vital thing which makes a printer better, and everyone should consider these things.


The first thing which everyone should consider is the budget. You have to select the printer which is friendly for your pocket. If you have a small office setup, you should not o for the expensive models, and if you are a big business that has to print many documents in a day, you should go for the expensive models.

The ink tank printers are mostly cost-efficient so, we have included both types of printers in the list so everyone can select according to their choice.

Pages per fill

When you select a printer, this is a significant thing because some printers have higher amounts of colored and black and white pages per fill, and some printers have low pages per fill. The average printer prints 6000 to 7000 pages in one fill so, the printer’s selection is on your consumption. You should always select the printer which matches your daily or weekly printing requirements.

Maintenance cost

These ink tank printers are more effective than the other printer, and you might think that why not should i bought a printer from the local store for 80 bucks but the important thing is that the printer may look expensive, but it is suitable for the long run because it has low maintenance expenses. Simultaneously, your cheap printer has many expensive which makes it much more costly than the other printers.

It would help if you bought an ink tank printer that would lower the maintenance expenses for you.

Ease of use

You should always select a straightforward printer because if you bought a printer that is not easy to use, it would be a complete waste of your money and time.

Many advanced technology printers come with the LCD control panel, and you can set them easily with your android devices or IOS devices wirelessly without any cables.

Most of the printers in our list are very easily operated so you can choose from them.

Automatic Duplexing

This feature comes in some very modern and expensive printing machines. They are time-efficient in their work, and you don’t need to flip the paper manually. The printers automatically flip the paper and print on both sides of your sheet.


You should always select the printer that can be easily connected with your wifi or other smart devices because it makes the printing process more straightforward and adds various options.

All the printers that are included in our list are wireless and have an outstanding connectivity experience.


Some people went for the maximum printing speed and bought the fast printing methods, but people are very disappointed with their decision because the printer prints fast but the quality was not good so, always go with the printer that gives quality with speed. All printers in our list are highly efficient and have a good pace so that you can choose from our list.

How does an ink tank work?

Some years, people are moving towards ink tank printers due to their cost efficiency and high-quality printing. In old printers, people have to buy cartridges that increase the printer’s cost and make the process very much complicated, but now, with modern technology, you have to refill the ink tank of your printer, and you are ready for printing your documents and photos.

Three main things are involved in the printing process in the ink tank printer. The tank of ink where we fill the ink, tube that supplies ink and the print head which drop ink on the paper. They all work together and print your pages at a very low cost.

Who Should Use Ink Tank Printers?

Some people have to use the printer daily many times a day. They might be in some big company’s executive or might be a government office holder where they need to print many documents daily so, this printer is suitable for them.

It will provide high-quality printing documents at a low price, but if you are at someplace where you have to print a paper once in a while, then this one is not for you, and you should buy a cheap cartridge printer from your local store that will cost you around 100 bucks.


If you are a person who is using cartridge inks for a long time and you want to shift to the ink tank printers, then this would be the best decision for you because the ink tank printers are the cost-efficient printers in the market.

If you go to the ink tank printer’s buying cost, they are expensive, but their maintenance cost makes it an affordable option. We’ll recommend you Epson Eco Tank ET-2720 because we have talked to many experts and printer owners, and they recommend this printer.

It has all the features needed for a premium-level printer, and it is the best option for printing documents. But if you are planning to print the photos with your printer, then the Epson Expression Premium Eco Tank is the best option.


Are refillable cartridges worth it?
Yes, refillable cartridges are worth it because if you see the price of a new cartridge, they are expensive than the ink so, the refillable cartridges will reduce the expenses of your printer. If you are using inkjet printers, then you should always go for the ones that have refillable cartridges.
What printers have the cheapest ink refills?
These are the cheapest ink cartridges printers, we have talked to many experts and people who are using the printers for years these are the most affordable ink refills, according to our research • Epson EcoTank ET-2720 • Brother MFC-J995DW • Epson EcoTank ET-2750 These are the printers whose ink refills cost lower, and they are highly efficient like all other competitors in the market.
What are the disadvantages of an ink tank printer?
The only known disadvantage of the ink tank printer is which everyone should know before buying it. If you are not using the ink tank printers daily, then the ink in them will dry. When you try to use it after some time, it may not work correctly because the dry ink will make clogging in the printer so, the only person who should buy it are the ones who need a printer regularly.
Which printer is better Epson or Canon?
If you are looking for Epson and Canon printers, this is a vast topic, but we try to summarize it. The Epson is a very well-known brand, and they are the first ones who introduced the ink tank technology in the printers. They provide the lowest cost per page as compared to the Canon printers in the market. The Epson cost around 6 cents per page while the canon’s per-page cost is 7 cents so, if we look from this point, the Epson is winning the battle against the canon printers. Epson printers are better than the canon printers.
Which is better: ink tank printer or laser printer?
It depends on your personal preference that if you are more into high-quality color printing, the ink tank is the best option, but if you are looking for a medium quality printer that will print your documents, then the laser printer is the best option. Both printers are the budget options, and the cost of laser printing and ink tank is low. If you are more into photo printing or you are printing presentations, you should go for the ink tank printers, but if you need a fast printing documents machine, then the laser printers are the best available option
Can I fill in my printer cartridges?
Yes, you can fill or refill your printer cartridges without any problem. The printer’s quality will remain the same as before, and it does not harm your printer’s warranty. The printers with the refilled cartridge are cost-efficient ones in the market.


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