Best Podcast Apps for Android in 2021 – Complete Guide

In recent times when you have to stay at home and keep yourself busy and informed about everything that’s going on, the podcast is the best source. The podcast is making its return in 2020 and becoming a big source of entertainment.

You stay in touch with the world with the voice of the presenter who talks about everything that’s going on in the world. You can choose the particular topics you really like to know about. You can choose your favorite documentaries and stories that provide you with entertainment and keep you updated as well.

It’s the time of the internet and a lot of podcasts are available on apps that you can have with the click of a fingertip. In this article, we are going to give you the top podcast apps for android.

  • Podcast addict
  • Podcast Go
  • Spotify
  • Pocket Casts
  • Stitcher
  • Doggcatcher
  • Google podcast
  • Podbean

Podcast Addict

We are starting with the most popular application on the list. 10M+ Downloads and 500k+ review make this application unbeatable. It allows you to search with the name or category or keyword and there you have everything that you need to know about it

Massive library for audiobooks and podcasts, availability of live streaming radio adds a massive plus. YouTube and Twitch channels support this app so you get the best of the best.

You can make your own Download list and the application arranges the episode in the queue for you to play. You can search podcasts from such different wide range of sources provides a big advantage over other podcast apps. And last but not least the most important feature is the free package. This makes it android user’s first and foremost choice

Special features

  • Multiple playlists support
  • Advanced playback features like Shuffle mode, Loop mode, and Sleep Timer
  • Works as a standalone player (MP3, local files, streaming)
  • Full chapter support
  • Automatic update, download, playlist & deletion (Set a specific time so your favorite podcasts can be downloaded before you wake up)
  • Full app backup/restore

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Podcast Go

Podcast Go is one of the most elegant applications for the podcast. It is available for free on the internet so android users are quite interested in this podcast. Podcast Go provides a user interface streamlining facility that gives Android users the ease of using this podcast.

800k+ show is a huge library that you can choose whatever you like from. It provides users with an option to get the list of popular and most trending categories. You can discover, Download and hear the podcast from plenty of sources.

Special features

  • It provides playlist customization
  • You can control the listening speed
  • It provides a sleep time facility
  • It provides support for Chromecast
  • You have the selection of theme option
  • You can subscribe to your favorite podcast and then receive a notification on a new episode release
  • You can download them to your SD cards

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Spotify is one of the best music applications in the world but they are also going on podcasts from 2016. They have expanded their circle and added big tycoons like Gimlet Media, The Ringer, and The Joe Rogan experience

The best feature they have introduced is that if you can not find the podcast you like already in the library, you can easily request Spotify to bring it to the list. It is available online for free if you can listen to ads otherwise its $9.99 a year

Special features

  • Personal recommendation is entertained
  • Millions of podcasts available on Spotify
  • Provides original podcasts that can’t be found elsewhere
  • Spotify provides you with a playlist especially according to your liking
  • Allows you to create your own playlist
  • Spotify premium is ad-free and has better sound.
  • Allows users to listen offline.

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Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a great option for listeners who love to listen to their favorite music. This application provides you with recommendations that are high on popularity charts and in trending networks that will help you to choose whatever your preference is.

It automatically plays the next podcast you lined up without any delays in your entertainment. Its best feature is that it shortens the silence between episodes and you can skip past intros and episodes of the show you are not interested in

Special features

  • Your favorite shows are queued up for you
  • You don’t have to wait for those awkward silence between episodes
  • Sound quality is awesome with the option to enhance the volume while decreasing background noise
  • Skipping intros and moving to your required show is easy
  • Your subscription and playlists are secured in the cloud-ready to be played on your device
  • U get a Little rewind of the show when you are restarting after a break

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Stitcher has made a reputation in the podcast market as they are completely focusing on news and informative radio stream. They use different authentic sources to gather the whole information content and provide user free online access to the latest updates around the world

They organize them and provide them through various stations for your listening. This application is very personalized and provides you with customization features.  Users’ listening habits are built using this feature and all trending news and information are made available for audio streaming.

Stitcher is a stand-alone application that is also available in Pandora premium.

Special features

  • Allows you to listen on demand
  • Personalized front-page feature
  • Smart speaker integration available
  • CarPlay available
  • Premium and exclusive shows
  • Customized playlist available

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It is the oldest podcast application in the business. They constantly upgrade their design and user interface. They are providing all new customization features for users to listen to whatever they like

They provide a huge library and playlist support for their users. Variable speed playback with theme innovations and automation are clear winning factors if dogcatcher podcast

This application costs $2.99 upfront but then you can enjoy an ad-free experience with no additional fee whatsoever. With such low cost, this great podcast application is a steal deal

Special features

  • Provides Android Auto support
  • Home screen shortcut for easy access
  • Customized audio playlist available
  • Provides build-in speed playback
  • Offline playback audio and video podcast

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Google Podcast

Google in 2018 launched their own google podcast specifically for android users. They provide Android users with a free podcast that provides a synchronized service throughout android phones. They provide you with a chance to watch and download all the episodes of your liking.

Google assistant fans can easily listen to their favorite podcast from any device like their phones, speakers or any other Google Home device

Special features

  • Provides a synchronized podcast experience from all google devices
  • Customized and personalized experience of the podcast
  • Easy search of trending and popular podcasts
  • Use Google search app and google assistant to discover a new podcast
  • Skip silent parts
  • Provides your recommendations for new shows and new episodes on your phone

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Podbean provides a two-way option where listeners can listen to their favorite podcast and the creator gets their personal accounts where they can log in and create the content they want the listeners to enjoy. They get their personal accounts at a cost that varies from $9 to $39 according to the creators need and content type

The option of a personal account is open, not everyone has to have the account to listen to the podcast.  Over 50 Million episodes. With such variety available you can enjoy whatever you like to listen to. It’s a great all-in-one podcast.

It takes $9.99 annually to remove ads and provides some customized features and personalized support with the option of the unlimited playlist.

Specialized features

  • This podbean podcast Intelligently reduces speed and dead air time seamlessly
  • U can Search by title, name, author
  • It has a Volume boost that helps to normalize sounds, creating an easier listening
  • It provides Playlist customizations
  • U get Podcast recommendations based on listening history
  • You can Browse by category or trending podcasts
  • Free classic audiobooks, bestsellers
  • It Streams episodes instantly or downloads them to listen offline
  • U get Sleep-timer options
  • It has Auto-play next features
  • It has CarPlay Support and Amazon Alexa integration
  • It provides Notifications for new episodes of followed podcasts
  • It Delete-after-playing and automatic download choices
  • It Deletes or downloads in batches

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To conclude this topic we can say podcasts are making their way back on people’s lives and very much liked also. Lots of podcasts are now available and millions of viewers and thousands of shows to reach easily in leisure time.

Podcast addict is a great podcast in our opinion where u can absolutely find anything whenever you like on your android devices.

Happy listening!!!


Which is the best free podcast app for android?
Podcast addict gets our pick for best podcast. It has 50M+ downloads and 500k+ reviews that makes it unbeatable. It provides all the features like downloading, making own queues of your choice of episodes. It is a great podcast app for android users. How do I get a podcast on android? • Download the Google Podcasts app. • Ask your Google Assistant to play a specific podcast. • Search for a podcast in your Google app or on
What is a podcast Pillow fort?
Download the Google Podcasts app. PODCAST PILLOWFORT is a podcast about podcasts. We love podcasts and podcasting, and we want to share our favorites with you. Each episode, we bring you the latest news in the podcast world, breakdown a category of shows in the Podcast Smackdown, enter a show into the Hall of Fame and let you know What We Learned This Week.
Is the podcast app free?
It depends on the podcast providers. Most podcasts are free of cost but in between shows and even in the middle of episodes you have to listen to some ads that Pay money to podcast providers. If you subscribe to a podcast and pay the monthly or yearly nominal fee then you can get absolutely no ads and fluent shows plus additional features.


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